In the last release of the #wordpress plugin, you can display Mastodon comments even if you don't allow comments from your site.


@tom79 Hei. Where should I talk to you about bugs I encounter?

Short version: 1) I installed the plugin. 2) I went to settings and typed "chaos" into the instance field (I think). 3) Accidentally hit Enter. 4) Now the settings page is empty.

Deleting the plugin including the 2 database tables did not help.

I'm happy to open a proper issue wherever you keep those.

For your bug. Did you try to clear cookies? Logout / or via browser. If it works, I know where to fix that.

@tom79 I did. Also using a different browser (Firefox & Safari) didn't work.

Ok. If it's possible for you to open the issue on gitlab. I will investigate that bug :)

@flowfx It's fixed. Just update to 1.0.10 and everything will go fine again. Thanks for your report.

@tom79 Awesome! Thanks. Now I'm curious how all these toots will show up in the comments section. :D

@flowfx Does your instance support full-text search? If not, you should use the trick that I described inside the help tab :)

@tom79 Huh. I don't know. Does @ordnung allow full-text search?

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