@rixx Really interesting reading, though he repeats the impossible "5 megaton" claim. There was not enough fissile material at the site to come anywhere near that. All of it going up at once would only have been 500 kilotons, and even a 5 megaton explosion would not have leveled Kiev or Minsk, even at the optimal altitude above ground.

"The reason it's so beautiful and so peaceful is precisely because we can't consume it. Like, perhaps, all real paradises everywhere."

sobering thoughts.

@benno @rixx I find it difficult to appreciate his writing as he overplays the drama: between the 5MT claim and the "600 pilots" it got really rather over the top.

Having had the pleasure of meeting a person who, as a child was in Pripyat when Chernobyl blew up and who's mother was a liquidator it is hard not to think of Moxie trespassing into what could well have been his apartment.

The guards are there also to protect and preserve the memories of the people who left in a hurry 33 years ago.

@rixx loved that article - especially while also currently watching the HBO mini-series

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