Today can be the day you grep through your favourite documentation for mentions of "simple" and "easy", and replace them.

They are useless and can be harmful. If you mean "uncomplicated" or "few steps" or "like most projects", say so. Reading that something is supposed to be "easy" doesn't help the people who know how to do it, and people who run into issues will be frustrated, and more hesitant to report their problem with a supposedly "easy" step.

@rixx "If you're having a problem, you're doing it wrong"

@rixx Thanks for the advice, I'll try to keep it in mind!

@rixx 👍 Do you think "uncomplicated" would be much better though? It essentially means the same, right? How about clarifying with something like "this is intended to be uncomplicated" (because it indicates that if it's not, it is the project's fault, not the user)? Or make it relative, like "we recommend method X because we think it is less complicated than Y and Z..."?

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