Does anyone know this feeling?

I can either be user, or dev, but not both.

What I mean is, if I use something someone else made, then it is what it is, and I just use it.

If I use something I made, every time I have an idea for improvement, I have to put it into reality, even small details, it becomes endless work.

It's easier to use other stuff, and develop for other people.

In practice, I use my stuff and I just can't stop tinkering/improving. 😆

What I mean is, I can't enjoy it. 🤔


If I try to just enjoy it for once, I have to bury my ideas for a while, but then I start to get this feeling of a chore I still have to do. My ideas might fade a bit. Then my enthusiasm and motivation turns into a bad feeling instead, and I try to distance myself. Eventually, I start to hate my creations. (:

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@sindastra Hi, as a blogger I tangentially relate to this, because I used to write the blog posts I needed to read when I was a Twitter user (and this is why Twitter silenced my account lol), and it was a compulsive behaviour, I couldn't help but write a blog post, without drafting it on paper first, despite my university assignments, etc.

I realized that in my case, I used inline links (<a> element) in a pedantic manner, charging my blog posts with more and more links.

I found out that using the Gemini model for links, treating the <a> element as a block element, helped me to relax and enabled me to draft my blog posts on paper first. Now I only have a few drafts in my bullet journal, but I'm proud of them, and I intend to write them down.

Maybe you could find your own way to write programs in a more simple manner ?

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