Since my former instance pixfed.​com has been shut down, I've considered finding a new home instance and creating an account again. But where? Among all larger instances listed on, it is quite impossible to know who's behind the specific instance and how reliable the administrators are.

Wish this part of the fediverse was more transparent!

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I agree, I think it would be great if at least instance admins could be specified on the instance homepage (as in Mastodon) and in aggregators like #FediDB.

It would be super useful also for instance admins, so that they know who to get in touch with in order to federate their server.

#Pixelfed #Fediverse

@tommi Great idea! I couldn't find a code repository for FediDB where one could propose something like this, but maybe @dansup will pick it up? :)

@thilosophus Making the admin account more visible won't necessarily help with determining how reliable the admin is. A lot of Fedi admins are very quiet people who post little or prefer to keep separate "admin accounts" with few public posts. Those won't help much in decision making. But data like (All Columns) - might help. Look at months (server lifespan), uptime, version, and maybe server location if it's important. @tommi @dansup

@lightone @thilosophus @dansup For the purpose I am interested in (following admins to federate instances) it is the only solution possible, though (I think)

@tommi Not sure what you mean by "federate instances"? AFAIK, you can follow any user, no matter admin or not, on another server to "acquaint" your servers and start getting messages from there.

@lightone Exactly. What if I find an instance I want my server to become an “aquaintant” of, but I know no users inside it?

At least admins should be well known.

@tommi If a server doesn't show any public activity, federating with it will be a problem.

Yet, even in Mastodon, and in other networks (i.e. Friendica), admins may leave an email, instead of their username.

To be clear, I agree that having a special input field to indicate the admin account is a valid idea. But for your purpose might be more useful if software has some /explore page with preview of server's public timeline. I think Pixelfed was going to have this feature? Not sure when.

@tommi @thilosophus Update: Pixelfed used to have the admin field on /About page in version 0.10.10 (i.e. But in latest version 0.11.1 it was removed (?)

We've been exploring a sort of new paradigm for dealing with discovery and interaction of site admins via the "site actor". This is  a "housekeeping" account that exists on most fediverse implementations. What we're doing is making this account easily discoverable and providing the ability to interact with it by placing the ActivityPub "actor record" for this account at the site root (for example This effort is still in its infancy but it basically provides an actor which represents the site itself. This provides a place to send trouble tickets and flag/block requests and also could be used by other actors and sites to follow all public activities on a site (for instance).

I've intentionally avoided specifying exactly what this account does and how one interacts with it because many sites will have different requirements for their site actor. It could be a community group, or it could be an account for the physical admin(s), and it could be private.  The only thing I can say for sure is that if this idea spreads, it provides a potential way to discover and communicate with those responsible for running the site no matter the platform using pure ActivityPub constructs. For example, you can access the site description and intended purpose via this actor record without using platform specific APIs or nodeinfo or about pages or anything else.
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