After 3 years of daily use my phones battery life got painfully short. So I simply ordered a new one and replaced it. No tools required.

Got myself a new cover in the same order and recently shipped a software update for . Feels like a new phone. Perfect daily driver for me. Ethically produced, long lasting, privacy friendly, cheap and easy to repair. :anarchoheart1:

@uniq hm, that sounds great. And what about overall phone performance? Is it still decent after 3 years of using? (to be mentioned, I've used an android phone for 3 years, but it was on a bit more up to date hardware)

@alexcleac Are you mining crypto-currency or compiling kernels on your phone? :awesome:
(or running invasive trackers maybe?)

4x2.2GHz CPU, 2Gigs of RAM and 280Gigs of storage keep me very satisfied on . I can't think of any legitimate apps requireing that kind of power except maybe high-end video-editing or gaming. (But IMHO that's annoying on a phone sized screen anyway.)

The only bad thing about FP2 is the relatively unspectacular camera. Despite camera module upgrade...

@uniq @alexcleac The price of a refurbished Fairphone 2 New Life Edition is not so bad.

@nawi @uniq saw it after posted about price 😂 300 EUR is pretty nice price, I really consider buying it. Hope they do shipments outside EU :)

@alexcleac @uniq No idea, look around here, maybe someone orders one for you and send it to you if your country is not listet.

@uniq not at all, however, decent phones today start lagging in time. However, this does not happen when you don't log in into Google services 😋

@uniq Cool, seems like they learned at least partially from past mistakes.

"Fairphone Open is an alternative, open source version of Fairphone OS, built by Fairphone, that puts transparency and ownership in the spotlight. It comes stripped from proprietary applications (like the Google Mobile Services) and can be modified by people who feel like doing so."

Still, I would very much like to see the #Fairphone people cooperate with someone like the #PinePhone developers.



Lazy question: i guess #replikant and #lineageos run ok on it? Is there a FairTablet also?

Theres official LineageOS support, which is done by some folks in the Fairphone community. They keep it pretty up-to-date, tend to be ahead of FPOSOS in android versions.
Unfortunately the devices are (in smartphone terms) pretty old and wont of been getting firmware updates for a couple of years now.
I expect we'll see a FP3 soon. They held, what I think was, a successful funding round last year, suspect thats all being spent developing the next device. @therealraccoon @uniq

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